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Broad-Spectrum Probiotic Support for Children

Lifetrients Child ProBio is a high-potency probiotic supplement specifically formulated to support healthy gastrointestinal and immune systems of children two years of age and older.

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Bacteria cells outnumber the human cells in our body at a ratio of about ten to one, and the majority of them are found in the gastrointestinal (GI) tract. A critical aspect of maintaining the health of the GI tract is the presence of these probiotic gut flora. These bacteria help to protect the lining of the gut while playing an important role in the production and absorption of nutrients.

Children’s immune systems, though not fully developed, are continuously confronted by common microbes in schools and daycare centers, allergens and irritants in foods, chemical toxins, and overuse of medications such as antibiotics which, in turn, may disrupt a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria. Lifetrients Child ProBio contains 10 select probiotic bacterial strains designed to restore and maintain a normal balance of healthful microorganisms across the entire digestive tract to support healthy gastrointestinal and immune system function.†

Lifetrients Child ProBio provides a high degree of support to build a healthy balance of friendly intestinal flora.

Lifetrients Child ProBio provides A Potent Total Probiotic Count. The potency of a probiotic formula is measured by the total CFU (colony-forming unit) count. This is determined by direct count of live bacterial cells capable of growth. Lifetrients Child ProBio is a high-potency product providing a total probiotic count of 25+ billion CFU’s per capsule and 10 billion CFU's per chewable tablet. Lower potency products typically contain 1 to 3 billion CFU’s. The high-potency count supplied by Lifetrients Child ProBio makes it an excellent choice for replenishing good bacteria quickly.†

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Lifetrients Child’s ProBio capsules and chewable tablets are designed to provide a highly potent and balanced spectrum of beneficial bacteria found in the human intestinal tract. Regular intake of beneficial probiotics can aid in maintaining healthy intestinal flora. This product also contains FOS (fructooligosaccharides) to assist healthy growth of acidophilus and bifidus organisms.†

Regulates immune system responses: Lifetrients Child’s ProBio supplies substantial amounts of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium species for healthy development of a child’s immune system function.†

For ease of use, Lifetrients Child ProBio is available as a capsule (which may be pulled apart to blend in foods) or as a delicious, berry flavored chewable.

Lifetrients Child ProBio Capsule has been formulated to:

  • Support gastrointestinal function: Many of the positive attributes of probiotics are species and strain dependent. Thus, taking just one or two strains may not be enough. The 10 well-studied probiotic lactic acid bacteria in Lifetrients Child ProBio provide a broad-spectrum of benefits that help maintain intestinal microbalance more effectively compared to single strain formulas.
  • Contain hypoallergenic ingredients: This product is formulated to deliver a potency of 25 billion organisms through the Best By date. Contains no salt, starch, wheat, gluten, soy, milk, egg, shellfish or preservatives. Vegetarian/vegan  product.

Lifetrients Child ProBio Chewable has been formulated to:

  • Support gastrointestinal function: Lifetrients Child ProBio Chewable has 10 billion CFU (colony-forming units) from a combination of 10 clinically validated probiotic bacterial strains designed to support gastrointestinal health and healthy immune system function. Healthy intestinal flora also helps to create a favorable environment for the absorption of nutrients.†
  • Tastes Great: ProBio Chewable can be used by both adults and children. Sweetened with Xylitol, ProBio Chewable won't harm teeth. and it tastes great.†

What is the difference between the Complete and the Chewable and why would a parent want to choose one over the other? 

Bascially, it comes down to preference.  Many kids love our new improved Berry chewable.  Sweetened with Xylitol so it won't harm teeth, the chewable tastes delicious, and kids actually ask to take it.  The Child ProBio capsules are easy to swallow and may be pulled apart and easily mixed into foods and beverages.  So, depending on whether your child prefers the berry taste of the chewable or prefers to swallow a capsule or have the contents blended into foods, either option will work.

The suggested use includes a statement about when taking antibiotics to take Lifetrients Child ProBio several hours before or after.  Why is this?

Antibiotics kill probiotic species, so they should be taken separately.  Probiotics can be taken in between antibiotic doses.  It's especially important to replenish good bacteria while taking antibiotics.†

When is the best time to take probiotics?

Health professionals and probiotic suppliers are often divided on this topic. Advocates of ingesting probiotics with meals reason that food buffers stomach acid, thereby providing protection and nutrients for the microorganisms. Those who recommend taking probiotics without food usually suggest consuming them with lots of water. Water dilutes the stomach acid and moves the organisms quickly into the intestines without subjecting them to high concentrations of digestive juices and bile. Few studies provide specific support for either approach. However, studies have administered probiotics with meals and have documented benefits. The most accepted approach is to consume probiotics with moderate amounts of food.†

How will I know if probiotics are working?

If symptoms are present, a reduction or resolution of symptoms is the best indication probiotics have helped. Symptoms may take days or even weeks to improve and may even temporarily worsen depending on the individual’s response to the probiotics.†

Are there any side effects from taking probiotic supplements?

Probiotics help promote a more favorable balance of intestinal microorganisms by reducing populations of harmful, pathogenic bacteria. When pathogenic bacteria die, release of cellular debris and by-products may produce a “die-off” effect. Although rare, this effect may cause individuals to temporarily experience a worsening of symptoms which may include gas, abdominal discomfort, and even diarrhea. Persistence in taking probiotics is usually rewarded by an improvement in symptoms.†

Do I need to keep probiotics cold when traveling or away from home?

If refrigeration is not available during traveling or in the workplace, it is usually fine to keep them outside the refrigerator for a week or two at a time. A supply of probiotics can be removed from the refrigerated stock bottle and put into a smaller container and carried in a purse or briefcase. Generally, if an individual is personally comfortable at room temperature then the probiotics should maintain their full potency at these same temperatures during this time out of the refrigerator.

Why are Lifetrients probiotics shipped with cold packs?

Although Lifetrients probiotics will maintain their full potency for several weeks at room temperature without refrigeration, we include cold packs during shipment to keep the probiotics cold and protected for most of their journey. This helps prevent excessive exposure to high heat during their travels so that they arrive at maximum potency.

What if the cold packs are not cold upon arrival of shipment?

In most cases, the cold packs will not stay frozen or remain cold during the full time in transit. Even if the cold packs are completely thawed and the product is no longer cold, the probiotics have excellent stability during the short time that they are exposed to ambient temperatures. The cold packs and foil-lined bags do their job of keeping the probiotics cool during the majority of the time in shipment. Thus, the chance of prolonged exposure to high temperatures that might affect potency is avoided.

What other steps are taken to ensure probiotic potency?

All Lifetrients probiotics are formulated with “overages” as extra insurance that they maintain the full potency stated on our labels throughout the expiration date under the typical shipping, storage, and handling conditions encountered. By including higher potencies of microorganisms than stated on the label at time of manufacture, small losses of activity that may occur over time are insignificant.

How much activity might be lost when probiotics are not kept refrigerated?

Probiotics have greater stability at room temperature than generally realized and can be maintained for several weeks with minimal loss of 5% or less. However, loss in potency would be accelerated over time. That is why it is best to maintain probiotic supplements under refrigeration, as this offers the optimal conditions favoring long-term potency and viability.


Suggested Use:

Lifetrients Child ProBio capsules and chews can be used on a daily basis by children over the age of two. 

Suggested Use for Lifetrients Child ProBio Chewable:

Chew 1 tablet daily for the first week. In week 2, increase to 1 tablet twice daily.

Suggested Use for Lifetrients Child ProBio Capsule:

Take one capsule daily for the first week. In week 2, increase to 1 capsule twice daily. Capsule may be pulled apart and contents mixed with foods or beverages.

The powder is tasteless (may have a mild vanilla flavor) and can be mixed into your child’s favorite foods. You may:

  • Mix in pudding, yogurt, or applesauce
  • Stir into juice, smoothies, or chocolate milk
  • Mix into peanut butter or spaghetti sauce
  • Mix into ice cream

This product is vegetarian/vegan.

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